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We have some exciting news. On October 1st, we are hosting our first OVERNIGHT secular sabbath in Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree Acres. Many people don't know the story of how Mike and Genevieve met and fell in love, but it was all on a kismet Joshua Tree trip and we are excited to return to this magical place with our Secular Sabbath event and all of our amazing collaborators and friends! Our space has evolved out of the need to celebrate the secular sabbath as a day of rest, a time to settle, to set all compasses north for the approaching week. This particular sabbath is special as we have the parcipation of local talents and sensory experiences as well as friends we are bringing from all over. So far, the music is Mike Milosh of Rhye, Joel Shearer and more. Potions by Sun Potion's Nitsa Citrine. Tea Ceremony with Nathalie Kelley, and more sensory experiences to be announced. 


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Earlier Event: April 5
Later Event: January 11
Two Bunch Palms